Valerie works for NOAA. She lives with her three cats, writes books, and choreographs shows for community theater.

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The world is not homogenous.

From one city block to the next, you can see pockets of unique communities. The difference of a few miles can take you from one pocket of culture to the next. I find myself fascinated by other cultures, in part because I feel like an alien in my own.

I am aromantic asexual.

According to almost every story I've read, I am missing out on what it fundamentally means to be a human. If there was a character like me, they were alien.

My novels are for people who love action adventure and deep, complex characters. Every book in the series explores a different culture through the lens of the crew.

If you're yearning to see yourself represented in sci-fi as something other than an alien, you could find yourself here.

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