How I became a writer

In the 2nd grade, when our Spelling homework assignment required us to use our new vocabulary words in a sentence, I didn't just write sentences. I wrote stories. I still remember my disappointment on "homophones" week, when the word pool did not have sufficient thematic coherence to create a story. I entered many writing competitions between middle and high school and won several, including first place in the 1997 Baltimore Book Festival young writers competition. I took writing classes in college, but as a physics major, my time was consumed by math and science, and I didn't have time to compete. But even then, I was always working on something. In 2000, while sitting at my work station staring at a poster of North America at Night, I began writing what would eventually become my New Dawn series.

I stopped writing for several years, thinking I just didn't have the time. Then in 2006, a friend introduced me to Firefly, and I went head over heels for the fandom. I began writing novellas. The muse wouldn't be quiet. The instant feedback I got from my fans telling me to never stop writing spurred me on. It took all my energy to refocus the muse and return to my original work. I had found the time and I wanted to be a novelist.

In 2008, I began the first novella of the New Dawn series. I workshopped my first draft at Shoreleave in 2009, then gutted it and started again. I have completed drafts of the first nine novels of the series, and I'm starting a campaign to publish the set.

BeanyThing Books

My motto in life is "I can do everything I want, just not all at the same time." I have been fortunate to have an amazing support network. Not only do I have a PhD in astronomy, but I've also been a dance teacher, choreographer, screenwriter, producer, cosplayer, and so much more. When my parents told me I could be anything I wanted, I naturally assumed that meant I could be everything. Now, I'm being a novelist, author, and indie publisher. I hope my writing inspires you to be anything and everything you want as well.