The Disappeared

Bounty hunter and spaceship pilot Corey is desperate to escape her abusive ex-lover Ivan LaMark, but joining the crew of the honest trade vessel, Oriana, hasn't quite been the escape she hoped for. When she stumbles upon the bounty of a lifetime--one of the Disappeared. The Disappeared are political refugees who have literally vanished from the lunar surface. Finding one, Corey knows she could be set for life, ensuring her escape from her former lover for good. But, naming her price has put her directly in the crosshairs of the lunar Guard, Oriana's crew, and, even worse, Ivan LaMark.


Orphaned inventor Douglas Hwan dreams of a world beyond the valley that houses his hometown of Rocan. When a traveller named Sky arrives from beyond Rocan's frozen borders, Douglas assumes she must be a Sequestered -- a woman whose family has kept her sheltered from the town's strict breeding laws. But when Sky's call for help brings the spaceship Oriana to her rescue, Douglas is forced to choose between his family and his dream.

Trade Circle
Book 3 of the New Dawn Series

As the crew of Oriana limps home with Sky in tow, Captain Danny Matthews and engineer Saskia fall victim to a mysterious illness. Desperately in need of a doctor and a cure, Sky leads them to a Trade Circle, a common ground where nomadic tribes in the area meet for peaceful trade. Local tribes have had their eye on Oriana for days already, wary of this new tribe in their midst and their sophisticated technology. When competing tribes arrive at the Trade Circle, each eager to be the first to meet with Oriana's representative, the crew find themselves in an unexpected fight for their lives.

Upcoming Books

Book 4: Hybrids - Spring 2018
Book 5: The Gray Market - Summer 2018
Book 6: Sky Glow - Fall 2018

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